Best Kitchen Faucets

In the modern aesthetic era renovation or constructing a new kitchen cannot go with installation of latest quality best kitchen faucets which are commonplace these days and are high in demand. With the passage of time, people are more inclined towards redoing their homes and consumer yearns for perfect looks for their kitchen which is the heart of a house.

Best kitchen faucets are mostly Italian or German inspired. This is mainly because top kitchen faucets for 2021 are being produced by veterans companies coming from these countries. These quality faucets are mostly produced under state of the art technology which not only provides style but comes with durability and perfect finish which lasts for decades.

One of the great features of these modern faucets is that despite having all aforementioned characteristics they are mostly available in a myriad of budget ranging from luxury and expensive range to cheap brands available in the market. This means that manufacturers of this kitchen faucets are targeting customers coming from different walks of life with different budgetary needs. These great faucets do not only come in a range of prices but have much more variety to offer in terms of their themes, colors, designs and finish.

While previously designs for faucets were extremely limited with little attention paid towards its appearance and finish, today this is one of a vital consideration as an accessory for kitchens and washrooms. It is because of this that people upgrading their kitchens pay a special attentions towards the details of their accessories like faucets which bring in a new life to their modern renovations. Apart from their aesthetic looks, modern faucets also have latest reliable features which makes them much more convenient to use and also extends their life. Not only this but there are few latest companies which also offer digitalized faucets which are a new innovation in this area. However, their use is mostly limited to people who can afford this luxury.

So if you have old, stinky, leaky and dripping faucets, it’s about time for a change towards better and stylish makeover which is not only eye-catching but also reliable for life.  Modern features like single handling lever, spray/stream mode selector, scratch resistant finish and pull out spout are among few of the modern and reliable features that some of the top notch faucets offers for convenience, durability, and design which makes this accessory a much buy. With the burgeoning of this hardware’s market, more brands are offering their products than ever. Here we review some of the top kitchen faucets for 2021 that are available in the market for you to choose from.

Best Kitchen Faucets 2021 Comparison

Kitchen FaucetTypeFinishCheck Price
Kraus KPF-2110 Single LeverPull OutStainless Check Price
Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland Single HandlePull DownArctic Stainless Check Price
Kraus KPF-1602 Single HandlePull DownChrome Check Price
Decor Star TPC11-TO ContemporaryPull DownOil Rubbed Check Price
American Standard 4175.300.002 ColonyPull DownPolished Chrome Check Price
Moen 5995SRS Arbor One-Handle High ArcPull DownSpot Resist Stainless Check Price
Kraus KPF-1622SN Single LeverPull DownSatin Nickel Check Price
Moen 7175 Level One-Handle High ArcPull OutChrome Check Price
Moen 7594ESRS Arbor With MotionsensePull DownSpot Resist Stainless Check Price

Featured Kitchen Faucets Reviews

Read these comprehensive kitchen faucets reviews to get a best for you.

1) Kraus KPF-2110 Single Lever Stainless Steel – Best of 2021

Kraus KPF-2110 Single Lever Stainless Steel Pull Out Faucet

It is safe to say that Kraus Kitchen Faucet products are a true example of where quality meets style. Its KPF-2110 is manufactured with lead-free brass which is not only eco-friendly but also designed to deliver high performance with durability. Not only this but it is constructed to highly resistant to rusting or corrosion which makes it one of the most reliable product in the market.

Its single lever handle is designed for convenient handling and makes controlling water temperature and flow almost and effortless task for its users. As with many modern faucets, KPF-2110 also comes with spout swivels which provide access to an entire sink, making cleaning and other sink related chores easier than ever. Its low flow neoperl aeration system enhances its performance by reducing side splashes and controlling the straightness of the stream.

Above all, its elegant design with a contemporary appearance makes this faucet a perfect choice to meet your kitchen’s décor demands. This product comes with a variety of mounting hardware which is sufficient for easy installment of this faucet. Its rubber constructed nozzles prevent the buildup of hard water which is also easy to clean. All these features make Kraus KPF-2110 one of the best pull-down kitchen faucet currently available.

  • Sleek deign, 28” pull out unit, adjustable sprayer and lever and neoperl aeration system.
  • Its solid construct ensures its long lasting performance and durability.
  • Not only this but it is very easy to install with the parts that are included in the box.
  • Despite having multiple quality features for convenience and design, this unit is quite heavy while some of the other products in the market offer similar features and are quite light compared to this one.
  • Moreover, it has limited performance warranty while there are many other faucet brands which offer lifetime performance warranty on their products.
  • In addition to it, it’s spout swivel has a rotation angle of 120 degrees only while some other latest products have 360 degrees rotation which allows user for better access to the sink.

2) Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland Single Handle Pull-Down Faucet

Delta has recently introduced new series of faucets which includes 9178-AR-DST. These faucets are not only elegantly designed but come with astounding technological features which help makes your water related chores easier and prevents wastage of water at the same time. With its latest Touch-20 technology users can now turn faucet on or off with a slight touch, making it a lot more convenient than convention operation of faucets.

Its built-in DIAMOND seal technology helps prevents leaks and increase the longevity of this product twice compared to a standard product available in the market. Delta claims that this faucet can last until 5 million uses which make is a quite durable product to buy. Its Touch-Clean spray holes enable its users to easily wipe away hard water stains which are hazardous for the health of an individual. For the users who prefer aesthetics in their accessories, this should be an ideal choice due to its single handle pull down, elegant design and it comes in a variety of eye catching colors. This product is manufactured from brass and finished with artic stainless steel which adds to long lasting performance.

Despite being elegant and state of the art product, Delta 9178-AR-DST is extremely cheap compared to modern faucets which similar features. Its price is less than $100 which is in an affordable ranging for consumers with a limited budget. Taken together, we can safely conclude Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland Review 2021 to be one of the best kitchen faucets for a large kitchen like those in farmhouses on mansions and is worth the money spent on it.

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  • It has very solid construction. Latest touch sensor technology makes this faucet operation very easy.
  • It comes with an easy to understand guide instructions to install this faucet which would not require any electrician or plumber.
  • Magnet on its goose neck ensures a solid contact once the hose is retracted.
  • Despite being one of the high line faucet available in the market, this product is quite expensive.
  • However, the quality of this product may help explain why it is so costly.
  • This still means that it is out of the purchasing power of consumers with limited budget.

3) Kraus KPF-1602 Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Kraus KPF-1602 Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Kraus is known to be a brand which makes best faucets when it comes to finishing. As with most of their faucet models, KPF-1602 is also manufactured using lead-free brass and finished to have rust-resistance which prevents corroding and enhances its durability. This single lever pulls out kitchen faucet is a spring-style commercial design which is appropriate to perform heavy duty water related tasks which make it one of the popular pull-down kitchen faucets commercially available. Its dramatic design with contemporary features shown some of the characteristics of this brand which makes these faucets suitable for modern of contemporary kitchens alike.

Its build is its distinguishing features which make it ideal for kitchen sink faucet. Its commercial standard stainless steel and chrome finish maximized its rust resistance than ever before. Apart from this other features like Neopearl aerator and Kerox ceramic cartridge further adds to its values as the best kitchen faucet for the money spend on it. In conclusion, all its design and technical features make this product a better buy and one of the highest rated product in the repertoire of popular kitchen faucets available in market these days.

Despite being a modern faucet, it is easy to assemble and install which will not require any expertise. The price of this product is highly competitive in comparison to the similar products on the market which has brought it high in demand.  A spray of the faucet is operated by plastic handle. This handle is highly susceptible towards breakage making it less durable than many other metal build products available in the market.

  • Its temperature adjustment is quite easy and convenient.
  • Its spring design is meant for heavy duty performance.
  • It’s spray and stream features can both be utilized at the same time.
  • It has one of the most powerful sprays which will make cleaning purposes easier than ever.
  • Consumers of this product has complaint about splash issues with KPF-1602.
  • It is reported that this product can splash unexpectedly and one needs to learn how to control the process of shutting off in order to avoid any splashed.
  • Apart from this, this product does not come in U.S standard size which makes it difficult to replace its spray head if it goes awry.

4) Decor Star TPC11-TO Contemporary 

Decor Star TPC11-TO Contemporary

Decor Star brand has managed to introduce TPC11-TO faucet which has a contemporary design and is apt for both residential and commercial kitchens. This product is made of brass and comes in a variety of finished i.e. bronze, oil rubbed chrome and brushed nickel which gives this product the durability needed to stand the wear and tear. This fine finish touch makes it look way more expensive than it actually costs.

This product comes with all the standard features that any modern and leading kitchen faucet possess i.e. single lever handle, single hole design, swivel spout and ceramic disc cartridge. It can safely be claimed that this product is American standard kitchen faucet as it has been certified by authorities like UPC, cUPC, NSF and its plumbing size also standardized for U.S. This faucet also comes with a pull down dual spray control which provides you with the option to either use stream or spray depending on you washing needs.

One distinguishing feature of this faucet is that it has a very high water flow rate of 2.2 GPM which is way more than the standard 1.8 GPM possessed by most of the other kitchen faucets. If the flow rate is one of the characteristics that is your priority then this is the product for you. Hence, this product is rated among few high end kitchen faucets currently available in the market these days and is also a recommendation to those who are looking for quality, performance, and design.

  • Its high swivel spout allows it users to clean big items with convenience.
  • Its high flow rate and stream and spray options further add to cleaning options that its users can avail.
  • This faucet is known to perform heavy duty water tasks without dripping.
  • This product is not constructed with lead free material.
  • Most of the modern kitchen faucets solid metal build and brands make sure to use lead free metals in their construction in order to comply with the environment protection needs.
  • This product may not be supported by many consumers and organizations.

5) American Standard 4175.300.002 Colony Soft Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

American Standard 4175.300.002 Colony Soft Pull-Down Faucet

The American Standard Brand is well known for providing its customers with high-end performance products which are driven by designs and unmatched performance. This brand has recently introduced their professional range of Colony kitchen faucets. Its 4175.300.002 has been manufactured to hold up to chronic exposure to water without corroding or tarnishing owing to its brass construction. Brass is also ideal alloy for applying different of colors on this metal which further expands the options of its consumer to choose from depending on the aesthetics of their kitchen.

This faucet is also highly scratch resistant so that you do not have to worry about small clings and it looks like new even after a prolonged use. American Standard Faucets mostly comes with standard ceramic disk valve which provides its consumers with outstanding performance even under extreme hot or cold water conditions. This valve is known to withhold more than one million one and off cycles without any dripping. 4175.300.002 also comes with a pull down spray which further adds to the convenience of the consumer. It’s amendable spray patterns and pausing feature allows its consumers to control the direction of water wherever needed.

Apart from all these features, The American Standard Colony Faucet is known to meet the quality standards of NSF Standard 61/Section 9 and Prop 65 set by the U.S government which ensures that this product is up to the mark. While most of the other standard kitchen faucets come with a limited functioning warranty, this product goes beyond the standards and offers a lifetime warranty on its function. However, its finish has a limited warranty. In conclusion, this product has been engineered to one of the most durable faucets in the market with high end performance due to which this product is ranked among top five faucets in most of the stainless steel kitchen faucet reviews.

  • Content
  • Stylish design with outstanding finish to meet the demand of modern kitchens.
  • Constructed with high quality brass for durable performance and comes with performance warranty certificate.
  • Easy to control temperature adjusting single lever. Its spout has a height of 14-5/8” which provides ample space for convenient cleaning.
  • On top of all this, this faucet is of a low price compared to a number of features it offers to its user.
  • Users for this faucet often complain about its low flow rate due to which it takes a lot of time for it to fill in a sink.
  • Hence, this faucet may not be an appropriate choice for industrial use i.e. restaurants and hotels kitchens etc.

6) Moen 5995SRS Arbor One-Handle High Arc Pull Down Single Mount Bar Faucet

Moen 5995SRS Arbor One-Handle High Arc Pull Down Single Mount Bar Faucet

Arbor faucets are engineered for aesthetic appeal and have the ability to complement an array of décor styles and are often referred as best looking kitchen faucets. Moen 5995SRS is one of their addition in the faucet clade and is tailored to perfection to meet the modern demand for water related chores in the kitchen.

Its suave chrome finish is extremely reflective to give a perfect mirror-like perception which makes this faucet appropriate not only for domestic kitchens but equally displayable for industrial kitchens too. A highlighting feature of this faucet is that it comes with Power Clean spray technology which provides this faucet with twice as much spraying power compared to standard faucets in the market.

It also includes a Reflex System which is essential for its smooth and easy movement. Its pull down hose and 360 degree rotation it allows its consumer to gain access to the entire sink for remote cleaning purposes. Other features include an aerated system to streamline water stream to avoid any splashes, a standard mount design and meets the quality standard of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifications.

  • Highly reflective chrome finish. 14.38” high arch shape spout for more spacious cleaning, Aeration technology for streamlined stream.
  • Easy to use single lever and pull down spout for more access to sink.
  • Despite its extraordinary performance features, this product comes with a Moen’s limited lifetime warranty pertinent to dripping, leaks and any defects in the finish of the product.
  • Another Con of this product is that it requires a continuous pressure on its button for spraying functions while most of the other comparable faucets in the markets are offering automated spraying nowadays.

7) Kraus KPF-1622SN Single Lever Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Satin Nickel

Kraus KPF-1622SN Single Lever Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Satin Nickel

Kraus KPF-1622SN is another addition to the repertoire of eco-friendly products as it is all constructed from of lead free metals. KPF-1622SN is also a modern style single lever pull down faucet which is manufactured from satin nickel.

It high-arc spout swivels design and pulls out spray allows its users the access to the entire sink for flexible cleaning purposes. Similar to many other high line kitchen faucets, this one also has features like Neoperl aerator to avoid splashes and enhances the high flow of water and Kerox ceramic cartridge to withstand extreme temperatures.

Its solid finish makes this product extremely resistant to corrosion and it is due to this that it has been certified by numerous quality standards like cUPC, ADA, AB1953, UPC, ANSI, NSF and CALGreen. Kraus KPF-1622SN is mostly known for its high performance with one of the highest water flow rate that any kitchen faucet in the market can offer.

  • Stylish looking and solid metal construction for a durable performance.
  • Its pull out sprayer gets retracted with a very strong pull compared to many others which offer similar feature.
  • It is very easy to install and comes with a user friendly guideline which is easy to understand for lay men.
  • While this product comes with an array of qualities, it has some reported cons like the pull out tip of this faucet does not have a sprayer.
  • Not only this but some consumers also report leaks at the swivels.
  • In conclusion, this product comes with some astounding features but is reports to have some drawback delineated above.

8) Moen 7175 Level One-Handle High Arc Pullout Kitchen Faucet

Moen 7175 Level One-Handle High Arc Pullout

Moen 7175 is a middle price range faucet which has becomes one of the most popular ones in 2015 and 2016 reviews. This product comes in two finish qualities i.e. stainless steel and chrome finish. While stainless steel is a classical finish and its chrome finish will amaze you with the reflective texture that brings in new life to your kitchen décor.

The best part is that chrome finish is a lifetime shine and non-corrosion finish which will remain bright and shiny even after years of its use. Its pull down spout has features that most of the modern kitchen faucets offer including spray and/or stream option, pause button, metal construction for durability and flow rate of 1.5GPM.  Moen is mostly known to couple tradition designs with the modern features giving a perfect blend of both extremes and making it apt for modern or contemporary kitchens alike.

While most of the high end faucets are being entirely manufactured using metals, this one has some parts which are made of plastic which makes it less durable compared to many other products commercially available.

  • Like many other modern faucets, this one also offers a good spout height from cleaning larger items.
  • It’s convenient level and pulls down spout furthers adds to user ability to access entire sink for washing purposes.
  • One of the cons of this product is that escutcheon plate does not come in the package and has to be purchased separately.
  • Customers purchasing on a budget may not like this and may go for another plethora of options.
  • Apart from this, it is not possible to attach faucet filter to it which can be a problem for the users in the area where clean water supply is an issue.

9) Moen 7594ESRS Arbor With Motionsense One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet Featuring Reflex

Moen 7594ESRS Arbor

Moen 7594ESRS is chrome finish high tech motion sensor kitchen faucet which is one of the latest technology that any faucet manufacturing brand can offer. These motion sensor can make kitchen tasks faster and easier than they ever were before. Apart from this astounding feature of having multiple motions and temperature sensors, it has some conventional attributes like 360 degree rotation of pull down spout and switches from stream to spray to enable its consumer for appropriate shift according to their needs.

It also offers a pause button from stream to spray shift which can help reduce wastage of water while not in use. However, its installation can be a complex task as it comes with a control box which needs technical assistance for its proper installation as it has couple of electric cables and water lines to be appropriately attached which is way more complex than installing a manual version of kitchen faucets.

However, Moen claims that it has made efforts to make this process of installation quite straight forward as all connections are clearly labeled and no subassembly of parts is required and hence no electrician or plumber is required for its installation. All these and other features of this faucet makes it one of the best pre-rinse kitchen faucets for 2016. Not only this but given its extraordinary feature this faucet comes at a price lower than $200 which makes it a must buy.

However, it is not clear if this is also a consequence of a weak battery.  In addition to it, the temperature mixing valve of this faucet often gets loosened and requires tightening from time to time. Read MOEN ARBOR ONE-HANDLE HIGH ARC PULLDOWN (7594SRS) REVIEW 2021.

  • High quality stainless steel build quality and easy to install and use.
  • Comes with latest hydro lock system and motion sensing technology for convenient use and hands free operation.
  • There are some cons about this product.
  • One of the major drawback being reported by customers is its short battery life.
  • Moen claims that batteries come with a life of ten years while they exhaust way less than that.
  • Moreover, some also claim that at times motion sensors to do not detect motion.

10) Delta 4353-DST Linden Single Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet, Chrome – Elegant Design

Delta 4353-DST Linden Kitchen faucet is made up of brass and has a chrome finish that gives it shiny and elegant appearance.  Delta 4353-DST Kitchen Faucet will surely add a lot to the beauty of your kitchen. It is designed to deliver 1.5 gallons of water per minute so it delivers just the right amount of water that you would need for your kitchen tasks. Delta 4353-DST Kitchen Faucet, Chrome consumes less water as compared with other traditional faucets. Delta 4353-DST Kitchen Faucet aims to let you beautify your kitchen and conserve water. Using Delta 4353-DST means that you are playing your part in conserving the natural resource of water and preventing its wastage.

Delta 4353-DST kitchen faucet has a multi-flow sprayer that offers 3 spray options; spray, stream and high water flow. Delta 4353-DST Kitchen Faucet helps you stream or spray water to wash dishes or vegetables according to your requirement. Whereas, the high water flow option of Delta 4353-DST Kitchen Faucet provides to fill pots and containers quickly, so it saves time as well. You can change the mode through one touch buttons present on the wand. Delta 4353-DST Linden Single Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet, undoubtedly, has a user-friendly design and an appreciable finish.

Delta 4353-DST Kitchen Faucet, Chrome Features

  • Two installation options of 1 or 3-hole
  • Three water flow options with a Multi-Flow wand
  • Inside metal contaminants protection
  • No leakage issues
  • Easy installation
  • 59 in. long hose provides outstanding reach
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

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Delta 4353-DST Linden Single Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet comes with a Lifetime limited warranty that frees you from worrying about its efficiency and working. This warranty claims that all parts and finishes of the faucet are free from defects in material and workmanship. Delta 4353-DST Kitchen Faucet, Chrome is the best option to décor your kitchen with one of the best taps. It entices you with not only its elegant design and finish but also with its smart and flawless working.
  • The water flow options range from the standard 1.5 gpm to 2.0 gpm stream and spray water
  • Equipped with a unique diamond seal technology to make it leak-proof faucet
  • The InnoFlex PEX technology feature does not allow the water inside the faucet touch the metal contaminants.
  • The faucet is available in an affordable price
  • Leaking complaints
  • Temperature control system is easy to operate.

11) Moen S7597C 90-Degree One-Handle High-Arc Pullout Kitchen Faucet, Chrome – Flexible Water Delivery

Moen S7597C Kitchen Faucet can be rotated on its axis in any direction so, owing to this flexibility; you can do a lot of tasks conveniently without even using the pull-out spray. Moen S7597C 90 Kitchen Faucet features Duralock which is a quick connect system that makes installation easy and hassle free. It has one hole mount type and can be mounted on countertop or sink. Moen S7597C 90-Degree Kitchen Faucet comes with easy to follow installation instructions and can be installed in less than 1 hour if you follow the steps correctly. You can also check out the installation instructions on Moen’s online generic video. Moen kitchen faucet is designed to deliver 1.5 gallons of water per minute. This flow rate is optimal for ensuring effective usage and avoiding wastage. Moen S7597C 90-Degree Kitchen Faucet, Chrome also features 1255 Duralast Cartridge that prevents damage and defect in the face of extensive use.

Moen Pull out kitchen faucet complies with standards set forth by ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act for Kitchen Faucets) and is also lead compliant which means that the lead content of the product is low enough to meet the federal and state regulations for lead content. Moen S7597C 90-Degree One-Handle Kitchen Faucet, Chrome is a fair exchange for your money because of its strength and all the amazing features.

Moen S7597C 90-Degree Kitchen Faucet Features

  • Boasts an innovative Pullout design
  • Duralock quick connect system
  • LifeShine finish to save it from corrosion and tarnish
  • One-handle lever for easy water adjustment
  • Three options to adjust water flow
  • Ideal for normal and heavy-duty cleaning
  • Capable of providing 1.5 gallons water flow per minute
  • Easy installation
  • Warranty available


Moen S7597C 90-Degree Kitchen Faucet, Chrome has been designed to multiply your comfort with multiple options. The faucet features excellent Chrome finish to impart it an extended life and shield it against getting tarnished or corroded. Moen S7597C 90 Kitchen Faucet provides you the best support to use water for normal and heavy duty cleaning. Its pullout features enables you to use water right on the object you are washing. Moen S7597C 90-Degree Kitchen Faucet brings you extra comfort in a very affordable price.
  • Features a sleek and modern pullout design
  • Comes with Provides three different options of adjusting water flow
  • Chrome finish for a highly reflective and tarnish and corrosion free working
  • Hydrolock quick connect system
  • Durable and smart look
  • Functions smoothly
  • Chrome finish looks cheap